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Logger is an electronic device designed to record temperature. Temperature recorders are used in many industries that require accurate recording of microclimatic indicators with constant monitoring of their changes. Typically, such tasks are faced by enterprises that store or transport temperature-sensitive products and humidity. For example, these could be pharmaceutical companies, food industry facilities, agricultural complexes, etc.
At poultry farming enterprises, this technique makes it possible to control climate parameters in incubators. As part of production lines, it is important to maintain an optimal balance for the raw materials used in processing, and research organizations record global changes in the environment using the same temperature recorders.
Loggers can also be used in private households. For example, they are necessary in cases where it is necessary to carry out long-term repair work using building materials that are sensitive to temperature conditions.
Temperature loggers are most in demand in the following areas:
1. Transportation and storage of goods.
✅ vaccines and medications;
food products (milk, frozen, ice cream, vegetables and fruits, etc.);
✅ flowers, seedlings, seedlings;
✅ food production ingredients;
✅ paper and paper products.
2. Control of temperature and humidity in production.
✅ Dietary supplements and medications;
✅ packaging and printed materials;
✅ food production;
✅ products made of cotton, wool, artificial fiber;
✅ electronics and electrical.
3. Microclimate control in public places.
✅ in schools and kindergartens;
✅ in museums, libraries and exhibition centers;
in public transport and institutions;
✅ in greenhouses and incubators;
✅ in laboratories.

✅ Range: from - 30˚С to + 45˚С
✅ Accuracy: +/- 0.2 ˚С
✅ 1 measurement per minute
✅ Memory for 90 days
✅ Battery life: 6 weeks
✅ Text messages with alarms to your phone
✅ Uploading data to the cloud
This communication device collects measurement results from your logger and sends them directly to cloud storage. Receive information about temperature issues, power outages or restorations with text alerts to your phone.
✅ Display of T° on the display
✅ Up to 8 loggers in one station
✅ Alarms: Very high T°, Very low T°, Power outage, low voltage, low battery of the recorder
✅ Built-in battery remains operational even during a power outage
✅ Temperature data is stored in cloud storage for an unlimited time and is available for viewing at any time. Application:
  ✅ PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY (storage of drugs, vaccines, diagnostic reagents, chemicals)
✅ Food industry
✅ Flower business
✅ Information technology
✅ Perishable goods
✅ For transportation of the goods
(for use indoors, refrigerators, pharmaceutical warehouses)

*Find out more at https://www.temperature.cloud/

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