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Vacuum tube with green cap, 8.5 ml with sodium heparin and gel for plasmolifting

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Vacuum plastic tubes for obtaining heparinized plasma contain the anticoagulant sodium heparin in the form of a fine coating on the inner wall and a separating gel on the bottom. The volume of blood taken 8.5 ml, tube size 16x100 mm, green cap                           Functional purpose
Closed system for collecting, transporting blood samples and analyzing the resulting plasma in the clinical laboratory. Used for biochemical, immunological, serological studies, determination of blood groups. Heparin, a natural anticoagulant present in any healthy organism, inactivates the coagulation cascade; during centrifugation, liquid plasma is separated from the formed elements, the gel forms a stable barrier between them. Less risk of hemolysis and thrombocytosis, maximum preservation of blood parameters in vivo. Plasma can be collected directly from the tube without the use of other containers.
Advantages of the method: a larger volume of plasma obtained compared to serum with the same volume of blood drawn, independence from the state of the patient's coagulation system, results closer to the in vivo state, lower risk of hemolysis and thrombocytosis.
It is possible to use plasmolifting for the procedure - a method of injecting platelet-rich plasma obtained from the patient's own blood into the tissues of the body.
Color-coded cap ring to identify additive composition and vial use. Refers to single-use medical devices.
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